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BlueIT CCTV is differentiated in the marketplace because we focus on the creation of value for our customers. We believe value is created by providing readily customized, reliable and easy to maintain video surveillance solutions that do truly provide the intended result for our customers.


When you deal with BlueIT CCTV you are guaranteed the highest level of service, with high quality products and services that we stand behind. Our over 8 years industry experience, guarantees that BlueIT CCTV has the essential knowledge, processes and systems in place to meet the most demanding requirements. BlueIT CCTV looks forward to working with you to satisfy your video surveillance needs.

Our Products

We only deliver to our clients with the best qality and latest products.

About Our Company

BlueIT CCTV will be the leader in the delivery of video surveillance solutions. Through innovation we help customers find the right solutions. The skills and dedication of our staff will ensure our success.


BlueIT CCTV has been at the forefront of the Video Surveillance and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Industry in Cambodia since 2010. BlueIT’s experience, knowledge and innovation, ensures that we will satisfy the highest customer expectations. We help customers find the right solution at the right price.

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BlueIt is professional in CCTV solution with quality and innovation.

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